Adoption & Foster Care

Family & Children Services depends on special families to open their hearts and homes to provide temporary and permanent care. 

When children are removed from their homes, temporarily or permanently, as the result of child abuse, neglect or other unsafe conditions, Family and Children Services of Jackson County calls on foster and adoptive families to provide the children safe, loving homes. Foster families care for children temporarily while Family and Children Services works with the children’s birth families to resolve issues. When children must be removed permanently from their homes, adoptive families provide a new, permanent, nurturing home.

Homes are needed for children of all ages. There is always a critical need of homes for teens, sibling groups, emergency care homes, and foster families who will also consider adoption of children of all ages. Foster parents work together with the caseworker to meet the needs of the child placed in their home.


Many of the qualifications are the same for foster and adoptive parents. To become a licensed foster parent, you can/must be:

• Married, single, divorced or widowed;
• With or without children of your own;
• renter or home owner;

• 21 years or older;
• Employed or a stay-at-home parent – as long as your income is adequate to meet your household needs;
• Committed to caring for children;
• Able to accept children as they are;
• Able to provide support and be a strong role model of positive family life.

The Process

• Complete the required training. Sessions are offered during evenings and weekends. If you are married or have a domestic partner, both of you must complete the training.
• Complete a home study with a social worker.
• Provide a list of references and financial information.
• Criminal Records checks will be done on all adult household members.